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About us

We combine inventive, strategic thinking with in-depth expertise to address the most complex challenges in today’s business landscape. We recognise that a company’s foundation relies on information technology, and we are here to support you from the inception of your venture to the growth of your organisation.


Sandy Stoltz is the founding director for ITEX with over 25 years of telecommunications, banking and cyber security experience. He is a director of ITEX. He is an articulate, competent professional and strategic thinker who has an in-depth understanding of business in a evolutionary era, specialising in information systems and cyber security technologies. Sandy possesses real life experience and necessary personal skills to assist business succeed in a competitive environment.

His industry experience includes the telecommunications, financial services, private sector and government owned entities.

ITEX Shareholder is Sallas Capital.

Our Value

Our clients can also count on our expertise in security and control, risk assessments, compliance, disaster recovery planning and many other information technology services and IT operations.

Itex commits to beneficial arrangements between our clients, staff and suppliers to meet mutual interests, which in turn leads to a positive bottom-line impact.

We are focused on taking all business IT aspects, removing the clutter and providing more manageable layers, keeping IT as simple as possible but not any simpler.

At Itex, we understand being a successful and lasting business, that profitability and growth are of the utmost importance and necessary for our client’s long-term sustainability.

We service the security, hospitality, financial, health care, education, retail

and the general community.